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Be Free or Be a Fool

by Pastor Mike

“We don’t wait or rely upon keeping the law to please God and to be accepted by Him. We rely solely upon Christ’s perfect atoning sacrifice made for us because of the incredible grace of God on our behalf. This is what we place our faith in, never upon ourselves. You see God’s grace has nothing to do with our goodness or badness, but wholly upon His sovereignty.”…

The Heart of the Matter

by Pastor Mike

“Why did God tell Elijah to do all this? Was it so that God could allow Elijah to boast and brag? Was it so that Elijah could show the anger of God?…”

Live Out Your Freedom

by Pastor Mike

“You see laying aside the weight and sin which very easily ensnares us and takes away or freedom isn’t so much our work. It is the work of God in our lives…”

Where Do You Live?

by Pastor Mike

“It’s about being totally surrendered and dependent upon Christ just as the branch is upon the vine. When this happens we prove ourselves to be disciples of Christ. “…

The Problem and the Solution

by Pastor Mike

” The word of God which is a living breathing discerning word has to change our lives before we look to change others. Once His words penetrate and bring about change in us we are to teach them diligently to our children.”…