High School/Mid School Youth Group meets every Wednesday evening at 6:45pm. This is a time of fun, loud music, heavy Bible teaching, and discipleship. This is definitely not Kid’s Church! We have a weekly Bible Study (yes youth, you have to bring your Bibles). Our focus is on making disciples who go out and make disciples. We understand that by the time our youth hit middle school they are making “adult” decisions about pornography, sex, alcohol, drugs, violence, suicide, and many other issues that will affect the rest of their lives, therefore we speak to all the issues they face on a day-to-day basis. We don’t “pull any punches” with this group. We speak the truth in love on a level that reaches them. This is a very critical time in life. You may be aware that the latest statistics show that by the time teens reach their freshmen year, they have already made up their mind about Christ.  We are  not judgmental about dress code or past failures, while at the same time pressing forward towards the goal of holiness through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Youth Group is lead by Willie Torrez; he has a strong desire to get the youth involved in every aspect of ministry, both inside and outside the four walls of the church. 6th grade and older who want to learn more about Jesus and the Bible are welcome. Oh yeah, we like to get out of the building and have fun together too!